Activating WhatsApp in your account

Activate the WhatsApp feature in your account

WhatsApp campaigns allows you to stay connected with your customers. Reach out through the world's biggest messaging platform. WhatsApp campaigns APIs allow you to:

  • Programatically define campaigns and templates. (coming soon)
  • Broadcast marketing messages to all your contacts.
  • Fetch statistics for your campaigns.
  • Manage the sending of transactional messages and campaigns.

Activating WhatsApp

  1. You need to log in to your Brevo Account.
  2. At the top navigation bar, you can find all the applications enabled on your account.
  3. Choose Add more apps and you will find Apps and Integration.
  4. Under Apps, scroll down and enable the WhatsApp campaigns feature.
  5. You will find WhatsApp campaigns activated in your Brevo dashboard.

After activating WhatsApp, you have to sign up for Facebook and WhatsApp business accounts. You can refer to the help articles in the Brevo resources regarding the WhatsApp onboarding at Whatsapp and SMS > Getting started with WhatsApp campaigns in Brevo.

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