New coupons and couponCollections endpoints

Route: Get your coupon collections


New endpoint for Get All Segment

Route: Return all the segments
Users can now use this endpoint to get all the segments in their account.


New endpoints for WhatsApp Campaigns

Route: Return all your created WhatsApp campaigns
Route: Return all your created WhatsApp templates
Users can now use these endpoints for retrieving WhatsApp marketing campaigns and templates. This will help in increasing adoption of the WhatsApp API and the usage of these endpoints.


Domains API reference is available now

Route: Get the list of all your domains
Route: Create a new domain
Route: Delete a domain
Route: Authenticate a domain
Route: Get domain configuration
API endpoints for domains is now live on the Sendinblue API reference.


API endpoints related to External feeds are now available

Route: Fetch all external fields
This endpoint can fetch all created external feeds. This release enhances visibility of external feeds to existing & potential clients who want to use external content in their marketing emails.


New parameters ext_id in Create and Update a Contact routes

Route: Create a contact
Route: Update a contact
Route: Update multiple contacts
ext_id parameter added in Create a contact, Update a contact and Update contacts in a batch API.


Get all Marketing Campaigns

We are modifying the get all marketing campaigns service to be more efficient. It currently fetches multiple statistical information which adds latency to the endpoint response.


New parameters for transactional SMS messages

For the Transactional SMS route, organisationPrefix is now added, which will be used as prefix within
the message content. This field is only mandatory for U.S. Carriers. +1 Country Code


Added isRecurring Key in Create Contact Attributes API

isRecurring parameter added in Create Contact attributes API.