Bulk update contacts

  • We now allow users to pass a set of contacts with their updated fields in one single API call via a JSON payload.
  • Each contact can have different fields overwriten/updated through this call.
  • In a single call each contact can be identified with a mix of id or email or sms

Extended rate limit for batch sending.

We have increased the rate limit for the batch sending functionality of our Email API.
You can now call the endpoint up to 5x per minute, this meaning you can send out a maximum of 30 000 emails per hour.


Email API now supports idempotency.

Passing the IdempotencyKey in the transactional email headers now allows you to be sure the request will be processed only once and that not repeated emails will be sent to your recipients mailbox.


Unicode option on all SMS endpoints

It's now posible to define special characters as non-unicode. Whenever the flag is set to false any unicode characters in the message payload will be converted to their english equivalents.


Deprecated parameter is now entirely removed!

API route: Export contacts api
The usage of previously marked deprecated parameter has now entirely been removed.
contactFilter parameter of Export Contacts Api will no longer be available from now on. Please pass customContactFilter in the input instead. It has now become a mandatory parameter.
Related change logs: Added & Deprecated


Inbound Parse API

We are happy to introduce a new kind of API. Inbound parsing allows you to receive emails on your application as structured JSON payloads through a webhook.


Default date ranges added for response rendering

Get contact details: Along with the contact details, this endpoint will show the statistics of contact for the recent 90 days by default. To fetch the earlier statistics, please use Get contact campaign stats endpoint with the appropriate date ranges.
Get campaign stats of a contact: This endpoint will show the statistics of contact for the recent 90 days by default. To fetch the earlier statistics, please pass appropriate date filters in the request.


Dropped support for list counters

We are pushing a few changes to ensure a better latency to all the contact related endpoints.


Total count in response modified to be in sync with last_modified filter

Get all contacts and get contacts from list api's will now show the value of count in response considering the *last_modified* value, if passed in the query parameters.


Added uniqueSubscribers in response schema for fetching lists

You will now receive uniqueSubscribers for a list for the below routes which denotes the total number of unique contacts (totalBlacklisted and totalSubscribers) present in a list.