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Feature - A Feature represents a specific functionality like Email campaign, Deals, Calls, Automations, etc. on Brevo. While inviting a user, determine which feature you want to manage access to. You must specify the feature accurately to avoid errors.

Permission - A Permission defines the level of access or control a user has over a specific feature. While inviting user, decide on the permission level required for the selected feature. Make sure the chosen permission is related to the selected feature.

Features and their respective permissions are as below:

  • email_campaigns:
    • "create_edit_delete"
    • "send_schedule_suspend"
  • sms_campaigns:
    • "create_edit_delete"
    • "send_schedule_suspend"
  • contacts:
    • "view"
    • "send_schedule_suspend"
    • "import"
    • "export"
    • "list_and_attributes"
    • "forms"
  • templates:
    • "create_edit_delete"
    • "activate_deactivate"
  • workflows:
    • "create_edit_delete"
    • "activate_deactivate_pause"
    • "settings"
  • facebook_ads:
    • "create_edit_delete"
    • "schedule_pause"
  • landing_pages:
    • "all"
  • transactional_emails:
    • "settings"
    • "logs"
  • api_keys:
    • "all"
  • user_management:
    • "all"
  • sales_platform:
    • "all"
  • phone:
    • "all"
  • conversations:
    • "access"
    • "assign"
    • "configure"


  • If all_features_access: false then only privileges are required otherwise if true then it's assumed that all permissions will be there for the invited user.
  • The availability of feature and its permission depends on your current plan. Please select the features and permissions accordingly.
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