There are mainly two types of authentication schemes that Brevo employs:

Api-key authentication

This type of authentication is already being used in our public API reference. You can verify your identity by using your api-key to send a request to the API endpoints. You get the API key from your Brevo profile menu in your Brevo account. You can find SMTP and API in your profile menu. Click on it and move to the API tab and you can find your API-key there. You can create new API-keys too for every use case or feature and you can provide a specific naming criteria for every API-key. For more help you can consult the guide to get your API-key here.

OAuth authentication πŸ†•

Prefer OAuth whenever if you are building enterprise grade integrations or if you are considering to create an App or Plugin that you would like to list in our marketplace.

OAuth provides both Authentication and Authorization within one single flow. It works by the API server providing a token as authentication proof to access a certain feature. The token has a defined period of validity . This token is then sent to the authentication server which provides the permissions and authorizes access for the user.

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