eCommerce and automation tracker events

The tracker events help you to get to know more about your customers by analysing how they interact with your marketing initiatives. This will allow you to help your eCommerce business automate the sales processes and track all the metrics regarding customers interactions. In this guide, we are going to give some insight into integration of eCommerce with the frontend tracker events.


Integration with plugins

You can consult the steps for integrating eCommerce API with the various plugins in the help articles. For Shopify, you can check here.

Session data of orders

When a user logs in and uses the store, he starts a session of his store use and maintains the session data as long he is using the store. If there are no logins and no users then there will be no session data. The order is automatically updated if an identify call is called on the front-end side for the same email. Some front end data is mentioned below for any specific event.

created_at: 10-04-2023 12:09:47
email_id: [email protected]
session_city: Delhi
session_country: India
session_country_code: IN
session_id: aafb3231-1ead-4d96-8d9b-7d78234701bb
session_latitude: 00.0000
session_longitude: 00.0000
session_region: Delhi
session_timezone: Asia
session_user_agent_browser: Chrome
session_user_agent_device: DESKTOP
session_user_agent_platform: Mac
sib_type: identify
visitor_id: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx

You can view the session data for orders in the Sendinblue account in the Automation logs. Any change to the cart will be shown in the Automation logs in your Sendinblue account. You can get data like session_id, session_timezone and session_city etc.

Cart events and its Automation

After the cart is used, you will receive all the session data, front end events and data in your Automation tab in logs. The plugin is responsible for sending the data to Automation. If the plugin is integrated correctly, the store session will be identified, the order will be processed quickly and be shown on the logs page. If the identify call does not arrive on front end then it takes around 5 minutes for the order or cart updates to show on the Automation logs.