Where do I sign up to use the API?

Create your free account on Brevo.com. Once you have signed up, you can access API Console for managing your API Keys.

Where do I get the API keys?

You can access API Console for managing your API Keys. You must use the latest version - v3 access keys.

You can create a new API v3 key from your API Console. If you need to get the API v3 key directly from your code, we've also created an endpoint in the API v2 which will create and return an API v3 key.

curl -H 'api-key:yourApiV2Key' -X POST -d '{"name":"My v3 key name"}' 'https://api.brevo.com/v2.0/account/generateapiv3key'

Is my programming language supported?

We are a language agnostic platform that supports any language as long as it can make HTTP calls. We also provide Clients for the most commonly used languages.

Some API calls that I need are missing?

We try our best to cover as much of our platform in our APIs to give as much control to you possible. However, if you feel there are features that you may want please feel free to contact us.

How do I keep up with the changes to the Brevo API?

All the changes and updates to API's are available through Version Upgrades

How can I be sure my data is being securely transmitted to Brevo?

Our API works over the HTTPS protocol. Meaning nobody can read or intercept the data being shared between you and Brevo. Also, in order to establish the communication you need a unique API key which you can rotate periodically.

What output formats are supported by the API?

All Brevo API return a JSON response. You can get more details here

Are there circumstances which would terminate my access to the API?

We do not allow misuse of our systems in any circumstances. Your account will be terminated if the usage does not adhere to our terms of use. You can visit our terms and conditions for more details.

What if I have additional questions?

You can contact our support for any queries related to use Brevo API.

Where can I view sample code?

The API Reference has detailed examples for each and every API endpoint. You can view the sample code in various languages like PHP, Java, C#, Node.js, Python, Ruby.

What if there are errors in the documentation?

We ensure that all the information provided in the documentation is up to date and accurate. If you come across any errors, then please contact us. We will get it fixed asap!

How can I test the API?

You can test our API directly in the reference section. Just enter your API-Key and your parameters.


It's not a sandbox. All the calls will be reflected in your account and credits will be deducted in case of billing events (e.g.: email sending).

In which all cases can I send custom headers with the transactional email?

Route: https://developers.brevo.com/reference#sendtransacemail

  • Case 1: htmlContent allows custom headers
  • Case 2: textContent allows custom headers
  • Case 3.1: attachment url allows custom headers
  • Case 3.2: attachment in base64 allows custom headers
  • Case 4: templateId allows custom header with New Templating Language

NOTE: One case when custom headers are not allowed is when you send templateId with Old Templating Language