Retry mechanism

Retry mechanisms are done to send webhook event requests again that are not successful in the first attempt. There might be many reasons that the requests cannot go through included but not limited to connection timeouts, problems on the client side. Some points to remember for retry mechanisms are mentioned below.

  • In the case that the clients servers are non responsive, the webhook event requests are stopped for 10 minutes and they are resumed after that.

  • There are total 4 attempts for retries excluding the first attempt to send a webhook request.

    Each webhook retry request would be sent with the following increments:

    • 1st attempt: 10 min
    • 2nd attempt: 1 hour
    • 3rd attempt: 2 hours
    • 4th attempt: 8 hours

    Check the below example as reference to the runtime of the retry mechanism

    Attempt NumberDelayTime
    T1- Original attempt010:00 am
    T1 + 10 min10 min10:10 am
    T2 + 1 hour1 hour11:10 am
    T3 + 2 hours2 hours1:10 pm
    T4 + 8 hours8 hours9:10 pm

Note this example includes the original attempt which Brevo sends to the notify URL before failure, so there are 5 requests in total.