Event endpoints

Event endpoints track a users or a contacts interactions with Brevo platforms. You can find the Events endpoints in the Events API reference.

Create an event

This API endpoint will create an event to monitor a contacts interaction. You can refer and use the cURL request below for creating an event.

curl --request POST \
     --url https://api.brevo.com/v3/events \
     --header 'accept: application/json' \
     --header 'content-type: application/json' \
     --data '
  "event_name": "video_played",
  "event_date": "2024-02-06T20:59:23.383Z",
  "identifiers": {
    "email_id": "[email protected]"
  "contact_properties": {
    "AGE": 32,
  "event_properties": {
    "video_title": "Brevo β€” The most approachable CRM suite",
    "vide_description": "Create your free account today!",
    "duration": 142,
    "autoplayed": false,
    "upload_date": "2023-11-24T12:09:10+01:00"

There are a few body params for this endpoints which we will mention in a table below individually.

event_nameStringThe name of the event that occurred. This is how you will find your event in Brevo. Limited to 255 characters, alphanumerical characters and - , _ only.video_played
event_dateStringTimestamp of when the event occurred (e.g. "2024-01-24T17:39:57+01:00"). If no value is passed, the timestamp of the event creation is used.2024-02-06T20:59:23.383Z
identifiersObjectIdentifies the contact associated with the event.[email protected]
contact_propertiesObjectProperties defining the state of the contact associated to this event. Useful to update contact attributes defined in your contacts database while passing the event. For example: "FIRSTNAME": "Jane" , "AGE": 37Add properties like Ageand Gender
event_propertiesObjectProperties of the event. Top level properties and nested properties can be used to better segment contacts and personalise workflow conditions. The following field type are supported: string, number, boolean (true/false), date (Timestamp e.g. "2024-01-24T17:39:57+01:00"). Keys are limited to 255 characters, alphanumerical characters and - , _ only. Size is limited to 50Kb.Properties for the event video_played like video_title, video_description and duration


The request returns a 204 success response with no content. On the other hand, an error response could look something like below.

  "code": "method_not_allowed",
  "message": "POST Method is not allowed on this path"
Response codeMessageDescription
204Event createdShows 204 response code when request is successful and event is created
400Bad requestRequest does not go through due to bad request because of invalid_parameters